Estratto Single Cup Coffee Maker Hybrid Water Cooler in Stainless Steel is now available at select Sams Club locations.

See our product on the Sams Club website, you can locate which stores near you carry the product.

This single cup coffee maker is a newly invented product that combines with a water cooler to make a high use, professional quality coffee machine.

Who is this coffee maker designed for? There are people who would like to have a single cup coffee maker capable of brewing coffee at the same temperature as coffee made at Starbucks. Most people love the convenience of the single serve coffee packs. Many would like to combine that with the same type of temperature used at coffee shops, to get a more robust flavored coffee.

There are really only a few factors that make the difference between a good and a great cup of coffee. The main factors are quality of the coffee, complete saturation of grinds, sufficient hot water contact time with the coffee grinds, and temperature within the optimum range for extracting the most flavor.

The Keurig® K-Cup® has an amazing design for making coffee. Many of the coffees available are of the highest quality, sourced from the best coffee plantations around the world. They are ground to the optimum size, and flushed with nitrogen to prevent oxidization of the coffee oils. They are set to go in the perfect coffee package.

The cup itself is designed so that water is poured through the cup, and out through a tiny hole in the bottom. The contact time with the coffee grinds is controlled so that maximum flavors are extracted, by forcing water out of a small hole, and also by controlling the speed of hot water coming into the cup.

Where our coffee machine is different is that we also set our temperature to 201°F, the optimum temperature recommended by different coffee associations around the world. It is the same temperature used in coffee shops and baristas, to make that amazing cup of java that people are willing to pay dollars for, because their machine at home doesn't make it nearly as nice.
The combination of the fine coffee, nitrogen packed, with controlled hot water flow, and optimum temperature, allows us to make coffee shop quality coffee, right in your own home or office.