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Don't refill your water, replace your bottle, after 80 full sized mugs of coffee

One of the advantages of using a water cooler, is the water bottle. This huge 5 gallon (19L) water bottle gives you enough water to make eighty full size, 8 oz mugs of coffee. No other single cup coffee brewer has a water supply close to this capacity.

Forget the daily grind of refilling a small water reservoir. Just change the bottle up every week or two.

An added bonus, is you can use your favorite type of water to make that ideal cup of coffee. No chlorine to alter taste.

Our filtering single cup coffee maker uses a Brita filter to filter your water. So you can also just use tap water to refill the bottle, if you prefer to save money on buying water. The Brita filter system uses a standard Brita pitcher filter, and is good for 15 bottle refills.