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  • Compatible with classic Keurig K-Cups®

    Whether you like coffee, tea, hot chocolate, our commercial brewer works with your choice of K-Cups®
  • Brews at an optimum temperature of 201°F

    Do you like your coffee tasting hot and fully flavored like at your favorite coffee shop?
  • Easy to Load

    Place the Single Serve Cup in the top, and press brew.
  • For a richer, more developed brew

    Flavor is extracted optimally at 201°F. The same temperature used in coffee shops.
  • Accent your kitchen

    High quality stainless steel all around

A Rich, Fully Developed Brew from K-Cups®

Engineered for commercial use, this robust coffee brewer is made for non-stop use in cafés, restaurants, offices or busy homes. As the brewing temperature is 9°F (5°C) to 31°F (17°C) hotter than other single serve brewers, the coffee comes out aromatic, with taste fully developed, like at your favorite coffee shop.

Do you spend time refilling your brewer daily? Our commercial single serve coffee brewer uses a water cooler to refill itself, so you don't have to. Uses a normal 5 gallon (19 L) water bottle, good for 80 cups of coffee! Compatible with the many beverage types available in K-Cups®.

Your cup is brewed in just over 30 seconds, about twice as fast as other brewers. Our patented ThermoregulatorTM technology keeps the hot water at a steady 201°F (94°C), the ideal brewing temperature for a rich, smooth cup.

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